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Amandine Dupre en train de tailler les vignes de Chablis du Domaine

Our vines 

Caring for our vineyard is a both a pleasure and a duty. 

Nearly every day we are on our parcels, watching over and caring for our vines. Season after season we do all the work needed to promote the fruitful growth of our vine stock and produce quality grapes.  

Let there be no mistake about it: although we speak about “managing” the vine, it's nonetheless well and truly the vine that sets the pace. Because as wine-growers we continually have to adapt our work to the rate of growth of the vine.


Our wines 

After having contributed our output to the wine cooperative for many years, in 2019 we started making our own wines. 

The fact is that we wanted to capitalize on our work on the vines and produce wine that reflects and showcases our know-how.   

Spurred on by Valentin, who has wanted for a long time to produce his own bottles, we have all embraced this project that we felt strongly about. 

To that end we have set up a wine storehouse in our winery where we have installed a vat room, offices, a storeroom and the tasting area. 

With compartmentalized vats in the vat room, we can work on each wine individually, according to the parcels that produce the grapes. 


Here too all four of us do the work. 

Alain and Valentin are in charge of the wine-making and make every effort to elaborate a wine that pays homage to the quality of the grapes grown on our parcels. 

Catherine and Amandine take part in the tasting sessions that mark the main milestones of the vinification of our wines. 


our wines 

Chablis, Chablis Vieilles Vignes and Chablis 1er cru, learn more about the range of wines offered by our wine estate. 

Degustation des vins en appellation Chablis du Domaine Dupre
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